Compassion For All

This is a call to compassion and Biography of the Mission President of Mission 4 Salone Ministries.Rev Peter Kainwo Known as (De Pikin Den Papa) was born in a little town in Sierra Leone known as Banta Mokelleh upper Banta Moyamba District, some times in the year 23 December 1964 to late Rev James and Mrs Miatta Kainwo. This Gentleman is married with two children and having lot of spiritual sons and daughters. Peter was one of the key figure in his family, he felt the call to serve humanity more epically vulnerable peoples groups in and out of his place of birth since he was a youth, in the early time of his life he had an encounter in a car accident during his desperate search for a long lasting solutions to end the sufferings of his country people.    From that very first day of life in the outside world, and even before, God’s hand has been upon him in extraordinary ways, enabling him to legitimately own the title of “Survivor”. Peter’s Education, in the classically structured sense, as well as in the general scope of life, has been nothing short of astounding, as we look in and see the brilliance of God’s crafting and calling of a man who would unreservedly pour himself out to his countrymen, and help develop a way to which they could, grow, serve and improve on their lives. This gentle man  have first-hand experience in working in Sierra Leoneand have ministry partners around the world, who have determined that this is an important and greatly needed project to help the children from this district and Sierra Leone at large. We wish to share peters calling of compassion for his people.

Peter answer to the call of becoming a clergy as a full time missionary with United Brethren in Christ since

1986 to date, his passion for his service to the church has left him with no option than to further his Education in Christian Education and Leadership Management, where he earns his bachelors in Theology and Leadership Management. Peter has serve several growing churches and organizations’ in and out of Sierra Leone, he is a key focal person for world Vision Project in Sierra Leone, peter  remain the acting coordinator for the inter faith West Africaorganization.  His passion is for orphans and vulnerable peoples groups, it is strongly known that he answered to the call of every person irragless of class race or status. Base on his service he was appointed the Vice President for friendship force Bo Sierra Leone an international organization based in Atlanta USA.

According to James 1: 27-29 which states the role of one service to widow and orphan.

Please that note everyone has a role to play in this Call no matter who you are, if you cannot pray, you can give, if you can not give you can send, if you cannot send you can Go.

Friends and Partners kindly join me in taking the world for vulnerable children and vulnerable people by restoring their dignity, while caring and loving them. This is not a call for tomorrow but now, we are all born for a time like this. God bless as you as you have decided to answer and support this call of compassion. Peter  current project goal $600,000 2019-2020, this will enable school building in rural communities with clean safe drinking water hand pump constructed, provide basic Medical care for vulnerable peoples group. Empower and train young people and provide them with training kits after completions.